What equipment is required?

You only need an internet connection, a device (laptop, mobile or table) and a yoga mat. If you don't have a toga mat, tha a carpet or a towel will be enough. And you obviously need yourself and your willines to restore yourself.

Is it for beginners, intermediate or advanced pactitioners?

It is suitable for any level. All classes have guided variation of all asaana so that the beginners can enjoy them, intermediates can improce and advanced yoginis can challange themself or deside where they want to set them self that day.

In what language is it held?

The retreat is held in English.

Are there live classes?

Generally, all classes are recorded to ensure you the best audio quality. Live classes are available but are not included. Live classes might be available in the future. Just check the instructions on the event page on Eventbrite.

What Yoga styles are adopted?

Vinyasa yoga is th main stayle practiced, but variations are offered so that you can make it more meditative. Furthermore Nidra Yoga, Meditations and Pranayamas are also included in the programs since our minds and breath need to be restored as well. I would suggest you to practice vinyaga and ashtanga in the mornings, since they are very energizing.